Anticorruption in the Health Sector

A short plug for a book recently released, which I had the privilege of working on as a formatting editor.

Taryn Vian, Bill Savedoff (also a coauthor of the recent CGD book on COD Aid, mentioned in an earlier post), and Harald Mathisen edited the newly released Anticorruption in the Health Sector: Strategies for Accountability and Transparency. The book is concise and straightforward, providing insights from practical experience, specific examples of corruption challenges and solutions, and suggestions for how agencies can address perennial corruption.

The chair of Transparency International, Huguette Labelle, wrote:

“Stamping out corruption in health care is a matter of life and death. This timely research shows the need for transparency and accountability in health care and offers sensitive, practical suggestions to address the problem. Governments and provides should take note: the price of corruption in health care is paid for in human suffering.

In an era with a lot of talk about the importance of transparency and accountability, it’s important to remember the human side of why we should value these two qualities in our development programs. It’s not just the bottom line that hurts, being most obviously affected by embezzlement and other financial fraud. It’s the village with a health center left in disrepair when its director pockets funds allocated for maintenance efforts, or the woman who cannot receive health services that should be provided “free” through government hospitals because she cannot afford the under-the-table payment actually required for her to be seen by a physician. Read the book for some wonderful insights on questions about these issues and more.

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