reminder: a VERY important date…

just a little note about a very important date…

You’re invited to hear the One Home Many Hopes story from Kenyan founder Anthony Mulongo on Wednesday, May 12th at Madhatter in Dupont Circle (1319 Connecticut Ave NW) from 6.30 – 8.30pm

Join us for a drink, meet this remarkable man, and hear his astonishing story, actually stories, of courage, vision, sacrifice and future.

Because of a meeting with one six-year old girl, Anthony gave up a journalism career in Kenya to devote his life to rescuing, housing and educating orphaned and abandoned children.

It was meeting Anthony in Kenya that led us to establish OHMH in Boston, then NYC, and now the DC area. Join us on Wednesday the 12th and you will understand why.

We would be honored if you joined us. And happy. Bring your friends, they will thank you. We would love to have as many smiling faces there to welcome our friends from Kenya as we can, and happy hour specials will last for the duration of the event.

Contact Amanda Makulec at with any questions you might have.

Asante sana


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