A round-up of DIY aid comments.

There are a number of wonderful things happening in DC right now; I personally don’t count the nearly locked-up flip of the Housee, and possibly the Senate, into Republican hands among them. I’ve also been fully booked with fall visitors to our nation’s capital, the Rally, and the OHMH Breaking Ground campaign, thus the hiatus from blogging.

I have also been enjoying reading a number of interesting posts about Kristof’s misguided piece on DIY aid, and have been e-mailing them relentlessly. To simplify life, here’s a list of what I’ve read so far:

Don’t Try This Abroad @ Foreign Policy by Dave Algoso

I want to say something nice about Kristof’s column @ Find What Works by Dave Algoso

Follow Up #1, #2, #3, #4 (#5 to come) @ Find What Works by Dave Algoso – his responses to comments he received on the Foreign Policy piece.

Whites in Shining Armour @Saundra_S on Good Intents (written earlier, but highly relevant)

Why Kristof’s endorsement of DIY aid is poorly informed @TexasinAfrica on the Christian Science Monitor

How Social Scientists Think @TexasinAfrica (a highlight is the photo of the sign)

Not About Us @TalesfromthHood

Professional (1) @TalesfromthHood

Professional! (2) @TalesfromthHood

Kristof’s follow up Blog

DIY aid might inspire but doesn’t address the the underbelly of feel good projects @ Global Health Hub

Why Nick Kristof is wrong about DIY foreign aid revolution @ Humanosphere by Tom Paulson

As a sidenote, I’m working on getting back to blogging. A blog on issues with how we collect neonatal mortality data to come later this week: what if we’re not counting a whole subset of kids? What does that mean?

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