Metrics are exciting!

Math/data is something of a religion...people either swear by it as the foundation of their arguments or abstain from it completely.

February and March are full of exciting projects and trips, from a health systems strengthening research project at work that has some really interesting potential for developing a great measurement tool to the Global Health Metrics and Evaluation Conference in Seattle.

I’m particularly excited about the GHME conference because:

(a) The conference “aims to bring together all the different disciplines involved in global health measurement and evaluation under one roof to share innovative tools and methods to get a better understanding of what the possibilities are in approaching population health measurement,” or so states the website.

(b) It will be cross-cutting in its subject matter, rather than focusing on one single global health challenge or intervention. We talk about integrating programs; let’s talk about out how to learn from each other and integrate metrics.

(c) Our team will have a poster presentation entitled Measuring Health Systems Strengthening (HSS): Deviance Analysis Using Mixed-Method Case Studies that I get to present!

If anyone else will be in Seattle for the conference or lives there year round, I’d love to connect before I head west – it’s always wonderful to meet other data wonks and global health experts in person, rather than just through journal articles, blog posts and twitter.

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