My other blog activities

I’ve been neglecting my personal blog over the past couple months for two main reasons:

1. My schedule has been nothing less than crazy between work with One Home Many Hopes, my full time job at MCHIP, and a good number of personal commitments (serving as the maid of honor in a wedding is a delight and an honor, but takes time!).

2. I’ve been blogging at! (Content on this site remains mine, though, and my opinions do not necessarily represent the views of MCHIP, USAID, or my employer.)

If you follow me on Twitter or have managed to track me down on Facebook, you’ve probably seen me cross-posting a number of items from MCHIP.  In case you missed them, below are links to some posts I’ve written over the past couple months. If you’re interested in maternal, newborn, and child health, I hope you’ll considering following MCHIP on twitter and liking us on Facebook – the project does amazing work, and the best way to stay up to date on our activities at headquarters and in the field is to connect through social networks.

Thinking of Poverty Like a Bathtub

Three Themes: Collaboration, Men, and the Power of Girls

WHO Officially Endorses the Use of Misoprostol 

New National Data from Kenya on Service Readiness and Quality

Water: A limited resource essential to life and health

mHealth: Not just for techies

Reducing Newborn Deaths with Handwashing

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