New opportunities & exciting upcoming events.

It’s been an exciting month: three tremendous new job opportunities (huge thanks to all who reached out with opportunities & support), one very exciting decision made, and day one at my new post completed. I’m now a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Associate with the Center for Health Information and Monitoring and Evaluation (CHIME) at John Snow Inc (JSI). Yep, an M&E Associate with CHIME at JSI – acronym soup anyone? But exciting acronym soup at that, and I’m delighted to join the company.

In the coming week, I’ll be attending the Social Good Summit as part of UN Week in New York City, where I’ve been granted press credentials along with a number of other bloggers, communications staffers, and social media gurus. I’ll be posting blogs for MCHIP, USAID, and here, and am looking forward to the the global health & development related panels and some of the fantastic side events lined up for the week. You can stay connected to the Summit on Twitter with the hashtag #socialgood or through the live streams of presentations and panels.

So, watch for some interesting updates, keep an eye on Twitter, and let’s see how UN Week unfolds. Will real decisions around NCDs be made? Will an agenda be set? Or will some of the other challenges in America and the world overshadow what the supposed theme of the General Assembly meeting?

We’ll see…


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