Updates: Moving forward & food love.

Posts here have become more staggered as my position at JSI picks up steam and we move into the fall Breaking Ground campaign – now underway – for One Home Many Hopes. There are also a number of brilliant voices writing in the international development and global health fields; when I’ve been writing lately, it’s been for the USAID Impact Blog or MCHIP, rather than my personal site. And while I could cross post here, I feel better pushing out the original links on my social media feeds.

Which all brings me to an odd point in the blog world. What I get asked most about by friends & Twitter followers alike is why I don’t post more recipes and information connected to the food photos that go up from all of my culinary adventures. Ask and you shall receive, my friends, though it may have taken me more than a year to get around to it..

Next week, once I’ve made the tweaks I want (and probably spent a few more hours on the phone with my brother, since I find customizing things to be easier on Tumblr if you can write/read HTML or CSS), I’ll post the URL for the new site & you’re welcome to keep an eye on it for food news, restaurant raves & rants, and recipes (with appropriate food porn to match). This site will remain active with continued intermittent posts, and I’ll try to get better at posting links to my other content.

Until next week…bon appetit!

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