Playing with Tableau at #StrataConf

This week I’m attending sessions at the O’Reilly Media Strata Conference in Santa Clara, CA, a hub of technology and development. It’s been fascinating to leave the DC bubble – where we focus so much on financial support for programs and policy decisions – and learn about some of the interesting tools and platforms available for data analysis, data visualization, and mHealth technology.

My afternoon training session was about Tableau, a versatile data visualization program that can be used for everything from mapping (with great geo-coding features) to complex line-bar graphs. Outputs can be filterable and sharable, and if you choose to buy a license for the full product you can share your outputs instead of just sharing them with embed codes.

During the tutorial, we played with Tableau public and a dataset from on US loan and grant disbursements by country from 1946-2009. In less than 40 minutes (and that includes lots of explanations  and questions), here’s what we produced. (Note: I’m having issues with the embed codes, but I’m not sure if it’s a wordpress issue or not. Otherwise, I’d have the whole dashboard posted here.)

The caveat: any data you use in Tableau Public becomes public data, so use caution when you’re messing with programmatic data or other proprietary data.

Overall, a great tool though. Looking forward to sharing more as the conference moves forward!

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