Global Health Council cancels it’s annual conference for 2012

The following announcement was circulated via e-mail yesterday to everyone on the GHC distribution list. I  know that a number of us who spent time and energy pulling together abstracts and satellite event plans were disappointed, but it’s hard to know much more about why the decision was made (and made at this time, rather than before abstract submissions) beyond the announcement, below.

From the Global Health Council Board of Directors on April 12, 2012:

April 12, 2012
For nearly 40 years, the Global Health Council has held its annual International Conference on Global Health in Washington, DC. This event convenes nearly 2,000 members of the global health community to discuss critical issues and identify common ground for action. A number of you have been deeply involved in this important event.
Dates for the 2012 conference were established two years ago and planning has been underway. We have received early registrations and sponsorship commitments. However, our conference is taking place around the same dates in July when other health meetings are being held in Washington, DC. Most notably, the International AIDS Conference is taking place immediately after our own conference in Washington. This will be the first time in 20 years that the AIDS conference is taking place in the United States.
We appreciate that during tight budget times many members need to prioritize conferences they intend to attend and/or support. The same choices would need to be made by panelists, sponsors and participants. Rather than compete with other health causes and organizations whose missions we support, the Global Health Council Board has decided to cancel our 2012 Conference.
The Global Health Council will be returning sponsorships and early registrations to those who have signed up for the conference. We would like to thank the organizations and individuals who have submitted abstracts for the conference, those who dedicated time to review abstracts and to the sponsors who have committed to our event.
Please direct all inquiries to
Thank you,
The Global Health Council Board of Directors



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