What it takes to deliver a $5 net.

Thanks to Tom Murphy (of View from the Cave fame) for the opportunity to write a post for the PSI Healthy Lives blog for World Malaria Day last week. I wrote a post on the importance of strong logistics and supply chain systems in the delivery of bednets to the right people, highlighting the USAID DELIVER PROJECT. I was delighted to see the post cross posted over at USAID Impact, and highlighted on the Kaiser Family Foundation Global Health Policy Daily.

Kaiser did a great job excerpting the post:

Amanda Makulec, USAID’s “IMPACTblog“: “Without a robust logistics system, bednets could easily remain unopened and packaged for transport, rather than hanging over the beds of small children and pregnant women in rural Uganda or elsewhere; [artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs)] may not be delivered to rural health facilities and remain in a warehouse; and [rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs)] may never be provided to community health workers to enable them to rapidly diagnose malaria in a child’s blood using only a small sample,” Makulec, a monitoring and evaluation associate with John Snow, Inc., writes. She describes the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, implemented by John Snow, Inc. and various partners, which is responsible for procuring and delivering malaria commodities for the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI). “On this World Malaria Day, let’s celebrate the achievements that have been made not only in the number of bednets procured and distributed, but also the immense achievements of the people and programs who make it possible to get the bednets and other commodities to the places they’re most needed,” she writes (4/25).

Photo copyright John Snow Inc.

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