State of the World’s Mothers Report released

The State of the World’s Mothers report has been released by Save the Children. This year, the report focuses on nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life, and includes country rankings for the best and worst places to be a mother, taking into account health, education, and economic indicators for women and children. You can read the interactive report here.

While the rankings aren’t surprising, per say, seeing countries indexed against each other is always curious. How different indicators are weighted in making the composite numbers can have a huge impact on where someone lands. For example, Mali ranks in the bottom 10; it’s also a country with historically complexities in measuring the percent of women who deliver with a skilled attendant, due to the wide use of matrones (traditional trained birth attendants) at delivery. Timing of the data collection and aggregation also plays a role; while the data here are published for 2012, they don’t take into account recent events (like the coup and ensuing civil unrest in Mali).

I’d be interested in comparing these numbers and rankings with the overall UNDP Human Development Index rankings, but that’s a task to undertake sometime other than my early lunch.


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