Quadrigram launches

ImageBack in February, I flew out to San Francisco and drove down to Silicon Valley for the Strata Conference. The experience of meeting & swapping ideas with people on the forefront of big data and data visualization was mesmerizing and incredibly eye opening; for anyone with a personal or professional interest in big data, O’Reilly puts on some great events*.

At an evening big ideas fair featured start ups that were pushing the boundaries of what could be done with data viz, data storage, and data processing. Quadrigram ran a table at the event, and took home the prize of people’s choice for best new innovation. Some combination of the charming bloke manning the table, the elegance of the program, and the wine tasting that was happening at the same time made it a memorable product.

So, I was delighted to see that the beta version of Quadrigram launched (officially) today! They describe themselves as:


From watching their introductory video and seeing how the program works, I saw the program as a great option for doing more complex, interesting visualizations of large data sets without having to know how to write code. The interface is a “stage” where users drag and drop various modules that allow for the display and manipulation in different ways, and the options available are far more numerous than in other data viz programs I’ve played with. That’s a huge advantage for some of us who haven’t spent the time learning complex code, but have an interest exploring data and creating interesting and compelling visualizations.

Because the service is a pay-to-use, data remains the property of the user (unlike in some open source data viz programs like Tableau Public). The software offers a thirty day free trial, and then has price packages for both individual and organizational users.

I’d be interested in hearing thoughts from some more code-oriented users of the product, to see if it’s something that just seems flashy and shiny to me, as a non-coder, or a really great tool.

*For other health professionals, O’Reilly just announced Strata Rx, an all-health conference October 16-17  in San Francisco, CA. Abstract submission is open through midnight June 7th!

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