Hans Rosling is evaluating IHME & he wants your input.*

*Well, he wants your input if you may have something of value to contribute about your interactions with or use of IHME research, resources, or tools.

Seldom do I receive solicitations in my inbox to contribute to an external evaluation of a large, reputable global health research organizations, and never have I been forwarded a message from Hans Rosling of Gapminder fame.

Forwarding the invitation to contribute (below, for those of you who may have comments of your own to share) is an interesting way to capture a broad snowball sample of feedback about the Institute. IHME’s work, particularly around modeled mortality estimates for maternal mortality and malaria, and their work on the health financing and the global burden of disease survey, have become quite ubiquitous across the global health research field. Plus, they do the courtesy of making their data available through the global health data exchange platform, which can be quite useful when looking for data for a secondary analysis or on a particular topic.

So pretend Professor Rosling is personally inviting you (as he kind of is, below), and share thoughts you have on IHME. It certainly is an interesting opportunity…


Dear all,

I am one of three evaluators of IHME. http://www.healthmetricsandevaluation.org/

If you have interest pls share comments on IHMEs work as we invite you to do at this blog link.

Kind regards Hans Rosling

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