My day today: attending the Call to Action for Child Survival.

We’re running late on the agenda, and it’s been a crazy day, but as any of you who follow me on Twitter know, I’ve been lucky enough to join the Call to Action for Child Survival today. I’m at least a decade younger than most of the folks here, and I’m in awe of the amount of experience the conveners of the Summit have brought together – representatives from 80 countries, including many heads of state and Ministers of Health, as well as international leaders like Margaret Chan.

I’ll write a summary post about the events today, but for the time being you can stay in the loop on Twitter by following me and #promise4children (not sure why we had to pick such a long hashtag, but that’s what it is). Tom Murphy over at View from the Cave also has a nice round up of announcements and information coming out of the event.

My favorite speaker all day (better than Ben Affleck!): Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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