MDG Gap Report released & UNGA excitement

New report is up from the Millennium Development Goals Gap Taskfoce – you can download it here.

The Taskforce monitors global commitments to the MDG’s, and had some interesting (yet expected) findings around how the global economic crunch has impacted honoring commitments to reaching the MDGs:

The Report finds that the protracted global economic crisis has begun to take its toll on international development cooperation. With a $167 billion gap between actual aid disbursements and the amounts committed, total ODA should more than double in order to meet the UN target. A delayed impact of the economic crisis on donor country budgets threatens to further widen this gap.

Here’s what trends in the current ODA breakdown look like:


I doubt we’ll see responses to this report coming out of the US presidential candidates, but I am keenly watching how each of them approaches the issue of the foreign aid budget. President Obama has been a great champion for continued support of our development work abroad, while Mitt Romney’s “platform” for Africa seems to stand on shaky assumptions at best.

In somewhat related news, I expect to be in NYC around UNGA next week, and there are more than a few interesting events happening related to the political festivities. I’m particularly looking forward to the Lancet launch of their Universal Access issue and the Path Ripple Effect reception, where one of our JSI photos will be on display at museum size (very exciting!). If you’ll be around NYC for UNGA next week, please reach out via twitter and let me know – always great to meet other global health enthusiasts!

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