Infographic Design Tools #1

Infographics are trendy, retweetable ways to communicate data and information, particularly if you have a nice package of quantitative and qualitative data to draw from. Across my data viz listserves, there have been a number of tools emailed around, from HubSpot’s powerpoint-based guide to mocking up simple infographics to a the Marketplace service from, which was reviewed in a recent American Evaluation Association blog post.


For anyone tinkering with amateur infographic development,  you may enjoy exploring The tool is designed to make designing and laying out an infographic simple and easy, without any coding or computer illustrating capabilities. Drawing by Numbers has a short review of that you might find helpful.

Embedded in most simple infographics are great visual charts, and doesn’t disappoint in its assortment you can choose from to display your data.

In my work, I’ve found that the best way to develop a great infographic is a collaboration from the technical and M&E folks (who know the story the data is tell), communications staff who can storyboard out what the infographic will say, and a graphic designer who can apply a certain vision to the content.  Infographics are actually a perfect example of a deliverable that truly requires collaboration (and not just a hand off of the data) between technical and communications teams.

That said, one one has ever complained about having great free resources available to spark some thinking!

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