Returning to the blogging world


After a too-long hiatus from contributing to the blogging community, the social media buzz around data visualization and information created by the Evaluation 2013 conference here in DC is just too much to resist. In my time away from the blog, I’ve been in a frenzy of travel for work and play (Ghana, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Wisconsin, Illinois, NYC, Seattle, and more), and have been spending as much time in my kitchen as I can manage when I’m actually home.

About a month ago, I was invited (with my colleague Libby, from JHUCCP) to reprise a presentation on data visualization at USAID for various strategic communications and M&E staff members. As a follow on to our dynamic presentation, which included some great demos of available viz and infographics tools, we sent around a list of resources that you too many find interesting and useful (below). Anything fun and interesting you would add to each of these categories?



Tools we demoed:

Links to some favorite viz examples from our Prezi—The Wide World of Data Visualization:

Some of our favorite things that we shared:

Junk Charts & WTF Viz for laughing about & dissecting poorly designed visualization

Complex Diagrams – Properties and Best Uses of Visual Encodings 

In case you ever questioned the value of infographics to communicate13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics

Communities of Practice around Data Viz

American Evaluation Association – Data Visualization and Reporting TIG 

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